DMF839 Recall Notice

A small number of DMF839 units have suffered mechanical issues that may pose some risk to users. Here's how to check if yours is one of the affected units, which may be subject to recall.

  1. 1.Check the serial number on the bottom of the unit. Only units beginning with a letter (A to Z) or a digit (0 to 9) are eligible.

  2. 2.Plug the unit in. If it begins to smoke, immediately unplug it.

  3. 3.If there is no smoke, leave it plugged in for 24 hours. Then check the bottom of the unit, near where the serial number is found.  If the plastic is soft or melted, immediately unplug it.

  4. 4.Special features of the DMF839 (such as Luxury Touch and OneWash) should not be used until until the unit is determined smoke-free and non-melting. The risk of electrocution is small, however.

  5. 5.The DMF840 (a.k.a. Sally Sunshine Spreader) is not subject to recall.

If you believe your DMF839 is subject to recall, please email us or talk to your local Confederated Products Salesfriend.

If you encounter feelings of paranoia or upset stomach while using the DMF839, seek immediate medical attention.